Which journey did you take to arrive at TwoDigits/Accenture?

When I was in school, I was thinking about what I could do in the future. I was always very good at mathematics, and I wanted to study math for a long time. So I studied economical mathematics at the University of Erlangen.
It wasn’t always easy, as in school. I used to be one of the best without learning too much and kept this behavior at university. After the first semester, I recognized I’d have to invest more time to keep up. I needed to re-learn things like “how can learn…

Gerrit at the university

Which journey did you take to arrive at TwoDigits/Accenture?

When I was still in school, I was pretty good with computers, already. I was especially good with gaming on computers and had the impression this would be enough to become a software developer.
At a job conference for young people, I met an Accenture employee, who introduced me to the company and the possibilities to start a career. With his positive attitude, he introduced me to the dual studies program. I was super impressed by the possibility to study and get work experience at the same time.
With the dual studies program…

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“Put the curly brace after the bracket, then add double quotes to add a key to that JSON object.“ Do you know what is meant? I’d be interested in what this sentence would look like if you had to write it as code. As JSON was mentioned, you might know what these symbols should be from the context. But how would you name them?

Throughout my career, I’ve come across a lot of software developers from many different countries. My observation is that everyone uses slightly different naming for programming symbols even in the same country. So I thought, let…

Which journey did you take to arrive at TwoDigits/Accenture?

I took the typical approach of studying Computer Science at the university and did my bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Besides my studies, I always had a part-time job as a software developer. I helped in research for a car manufacturer in the field of car-to-car communication systems and later switched to developing Android software for various institutions. Over the last three years during university, I worked on software for a Transmission System Operator. Companies within the industry and the Federal Network Agency use it to plan and maintain the gas network…

Let’s shine some light on Kotlin with Cloud Functions — Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash

Recently, I’ve played around with Cloud Functions on the Google Cloud Platform for a private project. Since this was the first time doing Cloud Functions, I started out by reading the documentation. It offers a lot of different Quickstart guides for technologies such as Node.js, Python, Go, .Net, and Java. I was a little disappointed not to find Kotlin in this list, as Google made it the preferred language for Android Development in 2019 and has ongoing cooperation with Jetbrains.

I started by implementing the first function in Java and things went quite well. I set up a Maven project…

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This year’s #KotlinConf ’19 in Copenhagen has just ended. It was a great experience being part of it. Listening to the talks showed how fast Kotlin is moving from an “experimental” niche language right into the business world. You might have already heard that Google pushed Kotlin forward by making it the language of choice for Android development in 2017.

During the closing panel at #KotlinConf, people would line up at the microphones and were allowed to ask questions. The question that inspired this article is, as the title says, “How do I make a case that we should use…

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In the early days of my professional career as a software developer, I was proud when a program did what I wanted. Most of the time, this process took me quite a while because I missed too many things that could go wrong.

Just out of nowhere, features that worked one day stopped working the next day. Well, of course, it wasn’t out of nowhere, but I never knew that. While implementing new functionality, I accidentally broke other parts of the software and didn’t notice it.

Even the fact that I checked my stuff very precisely manually didn’t help to…

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When I started my last project, I was the first developer on the team, which I would later be leading. While setting up infrastructure and version control, I adapted many things from previous projects. This is what you usually do with experiences — appreciate the good parts and leave behind what didn’t work.

Regarding the git version control, I decided to use squash commits, when a feature is merged into the master branch.

What is a squash commit, you ask? In simple words, it will combine all commits that were made on a feature branch so that you end up…

Hiring is a long and sometimes tedious process. As a hiring manager you want to make sure you filter people out in early phases.

How can you do this? Current measures include, but are not limited to phone screening, personal interviews, or technical tests. In my opinion, all of these are very important, since your company is interested in a lot of aspects in a person. For instance, communication skills are becoming more important, even for software developers, because processes change and include more and more teamwork.

But in this article, I’ll be focussing on hard technical programming and logic…

The road ahead or the road behind?

Did you ever receive some bad feedback on your code? Did you think “why me?” Have you struggled with accepting that feedback?

In this article, I will describe part of my way of becoming a better developer.

It’s 2017. I have started my professional career as a Software Developer in 2008, even though I wrote my first lines of code at an age of 11 back in the 90ies. That doesn’t count in the job, but it’s very important to me. Given that I never attended university, nor did I do an apprenticeship in informatics — I’m completely self-taught. …

Daniel Bunte

Leader, self-taught developer with interests in AI/FBP/Gaming/Automation/Trading.

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